Jr. Lieutenant John G. Pollock III 
United States Naval Academy
graduate, currently attending
flight training in San Diego, CA.

To my son, Jack, and all of 
the men and women in uniform,
for their service to our country,   
a heartfelt  "Thank you".  
Retired veterans, and transitioning military personnel :
  • 650+ franchises offer a discount 
            off the initial start-up costs

  • Franchisors have identified a unique correlation: that those with military training and experience also make outstanding franchise owners. Why? Because the traits you have are those of (typically) their most successful franchise owners.
  • "You're nearly 50 % more likely to become an entrepreneur than your civilian counterparts, and the odds are even higher if you wore the rank of officer.'  Business News Daily
Veterans Have Edge in 
Franchising Efforts
Franchisors want YOU!
Laurie Burge
Sr. Franchise Consultant
Direct : 1.847.634.8976
Jack's 14,000' skydive (video)

Just for fun, and to illustrate 
a fundamental principle of franchising . . .

You wouldn't jump out of an airplane without a parachute... 
don't start a business without 
the help of a franchise !

"Two hundred thousand servicemen and women separate from military service annually, 
  and it’s up to all of us… whether in the public or private sector… to help them start… 
  or re-start their civilian careers.”   US Secretary of Veterans Affairs, Jim Nicholson

skydiving video
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Military Veterans Find Success 
Buying Franchises
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   Article Contribution:
" Veterans Transitioning to 
   Franchise Ownership"
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Advantages of being a
"veteran-owned" business
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Do veterans make good franchisees?
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"95 percent of Americans feel gratitude toward veterans, and 
70 percent said they would prefer to purchase from a veteran-owned business..."
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Linked In Group: Perhaps you can't afford to buy a franchise on your own. iVet Connect is a way to connect with other veterans interested in franchise ownership. Find a business partner and pool your resources with another veteran who wants to open a franchise. (click on the logo)