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Laurie Burge
Sr. Franchise Consultant
Direct : 1.847.634.8976
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  A franchisor writes: 

" Laurie, I just wanted to let you know that the files you send me are the most informative 
I receive from ANY franchise consultant. They are written in such a way that I really feel like 
I  know the candidate before I even talk with him or her. Not just the hard facts, but the feelings, too. 
It really helps a lot, and even makes the process more enjoyable, hopefully for all of us. 
I'm quite sure your clients love your style. Thanks so much! "
Branching out on your own takes courage. Remember that information is 
the best anecdote for fear, and the more information you gather, the more comfortable you will become. Franchisors -- and their franchisees, will be 
happy to share as much information with you as you need. But don't let 
"analysis paralysis' stop you in your tracks. Franchising is working for 
thousands of successful owners, and it can work for you, too.