Hello, my name is Laurie Burge; I am a 
Senior Franchise Consultant and I've been helping aspiring entrepreneurs navigate 
what I call the 'Franchise Forest' over a decade. 

The prospect of striking out on your own can be frightening, challenging and exhilarating, 
all at the same time! In truth, few make it this far. This is where the true level of commitment to your dreams is tested. . . or perhaps discovered for the first time.

So, why work with a consultant?  
I could list a dozen reasons, but to start: 
searching alone can take more time than you have. There is quite a lot to learn about the vast world of franchising that you may not even know to ask. The uninitiated can make grave errors,  and the whole premise of franchising is leveraging others' expertise to reduce your risk

Franchisors also prefer it. 
They know how difficult it is to search on your own; and they want you to benefit from this assistance, so they fully endorse and pay for 
this service.  That means there is no charge 
to you for my time and expertise. 

Franchisors face a wilderness of their own, raking through thousands of unqualified, uninformed, and unrealistic internet inquiries.   
I help you find each other, in a methodical way, and in a fraction of the time. It works!
in the thick of the forest, a clearing
Are you considering franchise ownership?
Perhaps you are looking for an investment vehicle, or you are one of the many talented executives Corporate America has cast into the wilderness! In either case, franchise ownership offers a way to leverage your skills, experience and resources in a business of your own.

I use the word "wilderness" because there are 
over 3,500 franchises to choose from! Imagine wandering aimlessly through a dense forest, trying to find one tree-- one very specific, very unique tree. If you were to ever find it, it would be the result of sheer luck, wouldn't it?  Yet, that is how many people approach their search for 
a franchise! 

Your franchise-- your tree, whether it's a mighty oak, a majestic spruce, or a towering redwood, is your future, and it's much too important to leave to chance. What you need is a map, and 
a guide. I can help you with that.

I've constructed this website to provide you with valuable resources. Please take a look around, and when you're ready to start covering real ground, call me and let's 
talk about your future.
Laurie Burge 
Sr. Franchise Consultant
Direct:  1.847.634.8976
" I want you to know that I am grateful  for all the guidance and wisdom you so unselfishly offered me. 
  Your business savvy and confidence inspired me." 
Laurie Burge
Senior Franchise Consultant
Direct: 1.847.634.8976

Call or email me to request a free 
one-on-one consultation or to receive 
The Franchise Report quarterly.

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"Thank you for sharing your valuable experience. Your warm demeanor, 
self confident straight-forwardness, 
and your sincere interest in providing 
me with as much information as possible really made a difference 
in my approach to selecting 
a franchise."
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to a question, an indepth phone consultation, or 4-6 weeks of working together to find the right franchise, I am here to 
help, and it's free.

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experience as a small business
owner, consultant, and liason
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"Every business in America was started by an entrepreneur, whether it is 
Ford Motor Co., Google or your local dry cleaner."  Wall Street Journal